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Mary Grace Encarnacion Comia

As much as I want to thank everyone who had a participation in organizing a family occasion, let me first highlight what Juan Carlo has done for us! In behalf of the Rey-Miles Comia Family, I’d like to thank Juan Carlo’s catering services especially Quezon City sales manager Al Espina, for giving us a desirable package; it is so good negotiating with him. My gratitude is also given to Engr. Alex Del Rosario, the CEO; to all the waiters and staff, thank you.

Their food tastes good! I could give several reasons why I am giving them a very high rating. First, their main headquarter is in Batangas which we all know, resides hundred thousands of culinary acquainted and adept Filipinos. In fact, because they are so skilled in cooking that they have invented their own pasta dish famously known as Juan Carlo Vermicelli Special. (It is like pancit sotanghon but what makes it special?) I was also surprised at their dish known as Lengua because I didn’t know it is ox tongue (in English) but I ate it anyway! The beef is tender – easy to slice, easy to bite plus the creamy butter-mushroom sauce isn’t salty nor insipid. My mother approved of its taste and I love mushrooms! Oh, the fish! We had Blue Marlin with lemon butter sauce and I like it very much! What can you dislike about the acidulated fish meat? The combination is perfect and the taste is even better when you try your fried Gigi in a “toyomansi” dipping sauce! As much as I like the lemony blue marlin, the Chinese style spicy rolls, is one appetizer I could eat to suffice a meal! You know, most Filipinos love Lumpiang Shanghai because it is crispy and inside each roll is packed full of minced vegetables and beef! We also had Chicken Cordon Bleu and it is unforgettable! You could forget its name but you will never forget its appearance and its taste! The chicken squeezed inside the prosciutto di parma, the “mantle,” is soft and has the same texture as the prosciutto. The “crust” [cite egg] has the right kind and amount of bread crumbs – not making it too rough as you feel it in your mouth nor too plain for you to think as if you’re just eating a waffle pop with chicken strips in it. There is also cheese inside and eating Chicken Cordon Bleu has the same sensation you get when you are eating your regular cheeseburger! Other notable entrée is the pasta group. We were given three types of pasta dishes – first is the Juan Carlo Vermicelli, next is a Carbonara (with bacon) and third is a Puttanesca. I would describe the three the meaty, the creamy and the tangy accordingly. Before I finish discussing about the food, I want to say they also gave us a chocolate fountain plus five luscious desserts which includes the Buco Lychee Jello, my favorite; caramel custard, grape tartlets, chocolate muffins and fresh fruits ala style bite size.

The dessert presentation is as beautiful, sophisticated and elegant as the whole venue set-up – from table set-up to food set-up, from the debutante’s chair to the grand stone stairs adorned with pink ribbons and white swags. When I first saw the arrangement at Fernwood Gardens, I was immediately awestruck and I’m proud to say that it wasn’t like any other weddings or debuts I’ve gone to. The tables’ linens have the chosen color and on top of each table are tall glass vases with the desired flower color also! They use tiffany chairs and you do not expect guests to be sitting on a monoblock chair! They also have ghost chairs exclusively for (use by) the VIPs. It won’t be a problem even if you make a deal a week before your big day because they are complete with everything! You’ll get for what you’ll pay plus the cake plus the prestige. If you commit to Juan Carlo, and you feel like you deserve the service and experience you believe you are going to get once you put down your money, I can honestly tell you it’s going to be worth it! Congratulations, you have chosen an in-demand, leading and first class catering service in the Philippines (along with Josiah, Hizon, etc.) and Regine Velasquez, Carmina Villaroel, Andi Eigenmann, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, etc. can prove that to you just as I am attesting it to you right now.

To you whoever reading this and still deciding on who or what catering company to get, I say, Juan Carlo the Caterer is one for all seasons!


Final words: Truly a fabulous and wonderful experience!

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