Turning 18 and Loving It: Arranging a Buffet Dinner Fit for a Princess

Girls Like to Eat

Growing up isn’t always exciting. This is especially true when you consider its less glamorous side which includes: the struggle of finding your own place, the stress of working for money, the worries of unpaid bills, and eventually, the discovery of the agony that is wrinkles.

However, now is not the time to dwell on these things. Live in the moment by giving the princess of the family the dream debut she’s always wanted.

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Know the Food

It starts with the food—of course, since you are going for a buffet dinner. Your effort to make this celebration a magical blast starts with making sure the guests’ sustenance is perfect. There are a lot of debut catering services out there, but you can’t just go for anything. Quality must be your top consideration when it comes to the food, which is where Debut by Juan Carlo steps in. Need we say more?

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Plan Ahead, Ahead, &Ahead

Nothing beats the early bird to the worm—except of course the hawk that has already sharpened its talons before the first hint of daylight. So be the hawk!

Plan way ahead of time, so you can prepare for everything you need. The first factor you need to address is the budget, which is what ever other factor is dependent on. Then, if you need materials for the décor, the payment for the catering and the venue, the invitations and guest list, you’d be ready. You also have to know how to prioritize the tasks needed to be done, so you can plot the allotment of your time.

Debuts usually mean a lot of work, so you really have to learn how to budget your time—which still includes planning the backup plan, mind you.

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Get the Time & Place Right

The venue is really simple. Just look for the best place that you know is sure to keep your princess’s smile for years to come. For starters, take a look at one of our previous posts titled, “5 Dreamy Manila Venues for your Debut”.

As for the time, well, it just has to be right, of course. You may not want it too early, or it won’t be dinner anymore. Making it too late, on the other hand, will just starve your guests.  If you already have the venue for a time and think the dinner is too early, then maybe add a small program to your celebration. If you then think it’ll be too late, then have them eat before a concluding program or for a picture-taking opportunity. You can get this right; the toil will be worth it.

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Make Her Every Wish Come True

A princess wants what she wants, so listen to her. Not only will it make your job easier (if you’re the planner), but it will also inspire you to face the challenge. So try to make it royalty-classy. After all, it’s for your dear princess!

When the debutante asks for a buffet dinner, dare not fret, because you can give her what she wants. You just have to know how to! And now that you do, it’s time to get busy! We wish your daughter an enchanting debut!


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