Turning 18 & Loving It: 5 Factors to Cover with your Debut Coordinator

18th Birthday

Catering services are acquired for their specialty in turning your most precious birthday into something grand and unforgettable. Here at Juan Carlo, we offer the best debut packages in Manila that will bring your fairy tale dreams to life. And in you acquire our Sapphire or Diamond package, a professional coordinator will be there to assist you all the way.

Hiring a debut coordinator who’ll take charge in planning and organizing your debut celebration will certainly take a lot of pressure off your shoulders. With the extra help, you could focus more personal things such as finding the perfect debut dress and choosing the best songs for your grand entrance. But before you commit your time to these things, make sure you’ve already covered the following factors with your coordinator:

The Big Theme

The most awesome part of celebrating your debut is that you get to throw a huge party where the spotlight is on you! And what’s a better way to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime party than incorporating it with a cool theme? Choosing and imagining how the theme would look is the easy part though. If you want the finished product to be as beautiful as you imagine it in your head, you have to be as clear and detailed as you can when discussing it with your coordinator.


Planning your debut means working with all the necessary factors while considering its feasibility. Practicality is an obvious must, but what’s most important is establishing trust between both parties. Your debut coordinator, together with her chock-full of connections, can pull off an extravagant party with a tight budget as long as there’s a meeting of the minds.


Once the budget is settled, it’s time to finalize other utilities like the venue, sound system, DJ, or even a mobile bar. You and your debut coordinator must meet halfway in informing each other about the quality and price of the things you will lease. Friendly connections are always the best way to get discounts, so be sure to exhaust that option before you and your coordinator start looking for other possibilities.


Though a modern debut that match the season or are inspired by your favorite fictions continue to become more popular, a traditional touch here and there would still be lovely. Such traditions include the 18 wishes, treasures, and candles. And whichever of those you want to include on your debut is something you have to cover with your coordinator as well.


Part of the itty bitty details you need to consider when working on any event is the schedule. Though you see your debut as a “just go with it” kind of party, it really isn’t. The celebration of your precious 18th is the fruit of weeks of preparation, but for it to function, a well-organized schedule is essential. Having a schedule aids everyone in your coordinator’s team to be well-informed of how the party will go. If in any case setback occur, a schedule will help them go around these situations and keep the program running smoothly.

A debut coordinator’s role in planning your debut is to listen to you and be available to your needs. So make sure you always update them as to avoid any misunderstanding.

Were you able to cover these up with your debut coordinator? If there were other concerns you and your debut coordinator were able to go through that isn’t enumerated here, comment them down below!


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