Turning 18 and Loving It: 4 Gifts to Give your Debut Guests

Edible Gifts

They say that it can take up to a whole year to plan out an unforgettable debut party. You have to pick the perfect theme, the most suitable venue, and the best debut catering services you can find. And if you want to end your party with a bang, you have to come up with an awesome batch of souvenirs that each of your friends will adore.

Here is our list of simple yet charming giveaway suggestions that say “Thank You!” in more ways than one:

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Edible Goodies

So why should your appreciation gift be in the form of tasty and delectable treats? Well, why not?! Everyone enjoys yummy food, and if you’ve come across our “Mason Jar Desserts” article, then you’d instantly understand why this is the first suggestion on our list.

Other than the usual party favorites such as cupcakes and cheesecakes, you can opt to give away assorted candies with thank you messages. Or if you’re more of a fan of chocolate, chocolate chip cookie packs would be absolutely perfect!

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Personalized Items

Everyone loves seeing their name printed on their favorite things. Personalized gifts are always touching and memorable, so a carefully chosen item with a captivating design can be seen as a graceful expression of your gratitude to your guests.

For starters, setting up a fancy photo booth can lead to a variety of personalized giveaways since the photos can be printed on tees and such. However, if your chosen debut package doesn’t include a booth, an alternative item that’s getting more and more popularity these days are eco bags and tote bags. You can design them according to your debut’s theme. You’d be putting a smile on the face of your guests and Mother Nature’s! Everybody wins!

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Photo Flip Books

We’ve reached the point of this post that if you really want to send awesome giveaways, then you’ve got to include the photo booth in your debut package, especially if it includes a flipbook service. Your guests can either act out a scene, use the props available, or just go crazy with their creativity. These will be captured, printed, cut out, and bound in a matter of minutes.

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Something Strange & Unique

Can you feel your creative nerves tingle more and more as you approach your big debut? How about crafting unique gems that has your personality all over them? Such gifts can be boodle bottles where you can put messages of thanks and well wishes. Chain watches will also be great if you’re going for that rustic flair.

Without taking creativity and uniqueness too far, you can also opt to give them handmade items like soap or perfume made with your favourite scent. You can even give away coffee beans and tea bags in burlap bags, or mini bottles with either wine or sparkling grape juice – designed in your debut’s theme, of course!

The most special people in your life will all gather for one of the most significant nights of your life. Don’t miss the opportunity to appreciate them as much as they treasure you.


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