Turning 18 & Loving It: 4 Alternatives to the 18 Roses Tradition

Debut Packages

Turning 18 has to be the most exciting part of your life right now. Never mind having access to a new and wild frontier, it’s the party you’re really looking forward to! With the opportunity to doll up and be a princess for a whole day, no one can deny the hype and excitement. Even the drama of preparing starts to become fun, debut packages and all.

You may be getting ready to party just like every girl out there, but hey, it’s always good to spice thing sup a bit, right? Go for unexpected themes that are totally you! You can even alter the 18 Roses tradition. It’s just a little tweak, so why not go for it? Roses are actually so passé.

Better Yet, a Bouquet

A rose from every important man in your life charmingly makes a whole bouquet—so why not let each of them get you one? For a cool idea, have them buy their own bouquets for you with the promise that you’ll have a special dance with the guy who has the loveliest cluster of flowers. It’ll be like a contest, but one where you’ll ultimately be the winner. Why? Because you’ll instantly have 18 bouquets, that’s why! Think of it as one bouquet for every Valentine’s that you were alive. 18 suitors since birth—now beat that!

Pour Some Poetry

If 18 bouquets are too much for you to handle, we bet that you won’t have the same problem with poetry. It’s a collection of words that translate into feels that’s sure to make your heart race and pause in swift alternation. In other words, your heart will be panicking in the best way you can imagine. Poetry isn’t usually something boys are comfortable doing, so you’ll know your special when you receive this form of affection.

Request for Serenades

So let’s say that there are too few poets in your circle of male friends. That’s fine because you can always ask them to sing! Sure, not everybody was blessed in the vocals department as much as Ed Sheeran, but still, you have to push them to try! Confidence is impressive in a man, tell them that. If they’re not convinced yet, play the contest card, or better yet, pour them with lots of “Pretty please!” Then supply them with masks to hide their shame. But hey, if they’re comfortable in their own skin, which they should be, then they should have nothing to worry about.

Listen to your Heart’s Desire

Exactly! The 18 Roses tradition is all about you being ready for romance. You alter it a little bit so it matches whatever you desire. Since that’s the case, it may be best that you choose how it changes. Know how you want to be approached by 18 important men of your life. If you want to be given Gummy Bears, why not? Cupcakes are good, too! Have them deliver sweet speeches or dedicate a moment to dance with you. Whatever you choose, you’ll surely make your party more exciting, especially since you listened to your heart’s desire.

The 18 Roses tradition is fine by itself, but don’t be afraid to replace the old with something new. Because isn’t that what your debut is for: welcoming the new?


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