Role Model of the Month: The Talented Tina Fey

TIna Fey

Your debut’s sure to be a party with a celebrity around, especially if it’s the witty jokester, Tina Fey. If you want to make your debut seem to come straight out from a Saturday Night Live episode, the comedienne is your best bet.

But then again, if Ms. Fey can’t make it to your big celebration, she can at least be your role model as your enter the world of adults. So for now, as you ready the debut catering and every other essential that make up a magical debut, let us all reflect on why Tina Fey is a lady that every young woman should look up to.

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She’s a Bag of Clean Fun

Tina is not the usual comedienne that makes jokes out of people’s misery or their eccentricities. She doesn’t delve into explicit topics or make fun of personalities because she knows how to make you laugh without going for cheap antics. Tina is the kind of funny person you want to be if you want a career in comedy. Even if you simply want to have a good sense of humour, this is the woman who will show you what funny means.

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She Knows How to Work Hard

You do know she’s been at it since college, right? In fact, Tina’s so good at tickling people’s funny bones that she became the first woman to ever become a writer for SNL. She also bought the rights for Queen Bees & Wannabees, the book Mean Girls is based on, and was able to put a plot to the somewhat shapeless story. And would you know it, it became a hit! That’s of course why she’s not in the Burn Book. If you plan to follow her path, a good place to start would be the outrageously funny “30 Rock”. The next thing you know, you could be writing for the shows she created.

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And to Love Right

Now this is note-worthy, as not many can stay madly in love with their college sweethearts until they have a kid together and are busy with their booming careers. Tina can, and she does it so smoothly we never hear anything bad about her and her hubby, Jeff Richmond. They’re actually barely on the news, as they’re just that good at keeping their love private.

And did we say she’s truly in love? There was this time when Rick Ross eyed her dearly before SNL aired and she blatantly told him that she was in love with her husband and that they have a kid together. She doesn’t even care that he’s shorter, because she’s just cool like that. Seriously, a lot of young women can learn from her life.

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She’s as Real as You & Me

For one, she is a human being like all of us. And two–well actually, that’s it. She knows what we feel and think, so she knows the right things to say and when to say it. At times when she does make explicit or condescending jokes, she means to sympathize with us or to totally express herself. And still, she doesn’t do too much of it. Notice how no controversy follows her around? Now that’s the kind of celebrity you should be following.

There are a number of celebrity comediennes out there, but nobody’s quite like lady who came up with the irresistibly lovable dork, Liz Lemon. Before you go reflecting on the kind of woman you want to be, you may want to check out the antics of Tina Fey for a long time. Then you decide.

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