Role Model of the Month: The Flattering Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer

Growing up, we always have those awesome set of people that we always look up to. It can be our parents, older siblings, our favorite teacher, or it can be a cool, beautiful, and down-to-earth celebrity. We introduced our “Role Model of the Month” series with everybody’s favorite comedienne, Tina Fey.

For this month’s edition, we’ll take a look at a promising starlet who has reigned both the worlds of film and television with roles in gargantuan projects such as  “Game of Thrones” and “Mockingjay: Part 1”. What’s makes this girl so admirable is how she uses these art forms as tools to educate young people about what’s socially relevant.

Ladies, as you prepare your party playlist, dreamy gown, and debut catering, let us encourage you to take a look at the wonderful and enchanting Natalie Dormer:

Natalie Dormer Photography

She Loves to Share the Spotlight

When asked in interviews about her work and success, Natalie would always mention several names that have shaped the direction of her life and ideals. Not once has she indulged in self-glorification, which is something most rising celebrities tend to get into. No matter what project Natalie gets involved in, Natalie never forgets to give credit where it is due.

Her example establishes the fact that we can never make it on our own, and that humility and a thankful heart will take us a long way. Learn as much as you can from others knowing that everyone has something valuable to teach us if we pay enough attention.

Natalie Dormer Photo

She is an Advocate for Equality

Natalie Dormer has always been a supporter of equal rights, stating that the aim of the industry is not to promote “Girl Power”. She understands that the message of her works are beyond gender because such stories are conveyed through universal principles of hope, kindness, and courage.

In addition to all this, dear Natalie has always given importance to liberation and equality. Despite still being in the early stages of her career, she has been diligent in stating that the strive for equality is something that people shouldn’t put negative connotations to. She clarifies that it’s simply a movement that pushes the right for everyone in all industries to have equal opportunities.

Natalie Dormer Wallpaper

Natalie is Wisdom, Natalie is Grace

Natalie is the kind of person who wouldn’t get involved in a project unless she has a level of personal connection to it. And for the first installment of “Mockingjay” she would explain how the movie mirrors her own life in the way Katniss Everdeen has become a symbol for young people everywhere. Because, well, don’t we just want to break out of social norms and be ourselves?

Truly, Natalie Dormer is one of the lovely ladies in Hollywood who has used her celebrity status for the greater good. She considers the art of acting as a way to give a spotlight to what’s important in the world today. And not only that, but she also values positive attitude and humility, never forgetting the people who have helped her grow. May you draw inspiration for her as you become the wonderful woman that you’re meant to be.


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