Role Model of the Month: Emma Watson

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We started to love her as the bright Hermione Granger, correcting Ron and Harry on their “Leviosas”.  But even though the young witch is all grown up and among us in the Muggle world, she still is a character we dearly adore and follow.

Before you continue musing over which debut catering is the best choice, why not pause for a while and learn about this worthy role model? After all, you’re advancing to being a strong, independent woman. Your guide into adulthood has to be someone you’ll understand, someone who’s sharing the same journey as you—someone like Emma Watson.

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Emma’s Fair

We’re not talking about fair in terms of complexion. What we’re saying is that Emma’s a dedicated enthusiast of fair trade. Emma is so true to her commitments, that with fashion company People Tree, she helped create and market seasons of their fashion lines. That means Emma was involved in everything from designing to modeling. She even visited the slums of Bangladesh to personally witness the living conditions of its peoples. Now that’s a girl with power.

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Emma’s a Reader

It’s hard to imagine that the famous actress can find time to flop on a chair and read, right? After all, you see her in headlines all over the world as she’s always busy. Still, Emma manages to find the time to read and even share her enthusiasm for books by thanking various authors via social media. Emma has an incredible taste in literature, so if you want to expand your knowledge through the wonders of books, it’s a good idea to follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

Emma Watson Fashion

Emma’s a Spot-On Dresser

Or should I say fashion icon? Probably more than half of the articles or posts you see of Ms. Watson are about her style is something all classy ladies should consider. It’s not that she always wears outfits fresh off the runway—because she doesn’t; remember fair trade? She just has a style that’s tip to top jaw dropping, which is another way of saying that she always looks tres magnifique (pardon the French, the woman was born in Paris)! But it’s not just how she looks that’s amazing, it’s also about how she carries her clothes with such confidence.

Emma Watson and Books

Emma Believes in Education

Just like being dedicated to fair trade, Emma holds education dear to her heart. It’s the greatest gift she says her father has given her, especially since he worked hard for her to have it. You might think that she didn’t need to take education seriously, being a multimillionaire and all, but Emma continues to promote education beyond everyone’s expectations. What a woman.

Emma Watson UN

Emma’s a UN Ambassadress

Even though Emma is the leading lady of one of the most successful film franchises of all time, what’s probably most impressive about her is that she is a devoted UN Ambassadress. The young actress/ avid reader/ fair trade enthusiast/ proud college graduate is chosen for her fight against the negative view of feminism. She also asks for men to join her, and to stand on their mothers’, sisters’, and friends’ side of the battle. It’s a tough fight, but this girl has got guts and she’s not afraid to use them.

So why Emma Watson again? Basically, why not? The girl is one of the most significant celebrities to come around, someone who really has what it takes to change the world. You know her story. Now it’s your turn to be the Emma Watson of your country.

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