DECEMBER 26, 2013 – Hi guys! It is very unfortunate that there were some people who took the unscrupulous course to exploit loopholes within the Dream Debut Contest. We want to protect the 18 Finalists’ right for a chance of winning so we are improving the contest and we will be needing two months or so to completely filter all fake votes. In order to make this fair and just for all parties, we will be shutting down the Dream Debut Application and we will reset votes back to zero.


New Mechanics in Voting and “Terms of Use” will be implemented once the new and developed Dream Debut Application is reactivated again. New voting period and announcement of winner will be announced soon.  We will be heavily monitoring cheating and once caught, disqualification will be applied.


We are very sorry for the inconvenience and please join us in fulfilling one’s dream through a clean and fair contest like Dream Debut.

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