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There are two sides of Wally Gonzales which marks him the rock-n-roll photographer in the wedding industry: First, he is a creative genius who won’t settle for mediocrity. A perfectionist to the core who won’t rest until he has orchestrated a perfect composition and has captured the perfect lighting and emotion of his clients.

Second, his wit and sense of humour are synapses to his clients, a connection which makes his clients at ease and a landmark that they have made the right decision in choosing him to document the most important day of their lives.

Wally is undeniably equipped with creative tools and discipline needed to master his craft. He employs all the knowledge he has gained through the years, capturing all the decisive and dramatic moments to give the best coverage possible to the satisfaction of his clients.


Often dubbed as “photographer of the stars” with:

  • Claudine Barretto

  • Gladys Reyes

  • Nikki Valdez

  • Angelika Dela Cruz

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