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No detail is too difficult and no design is too impossible to make with TopCakes! With the given ample time, TopCakes can create or recreate your dream cake. What are your hobbies? Your likes? Your passion? Your goals? Your dreams? TopCakes can feature a debut cake which reflects who you are!

They say that experience is the best teacher, and 20 years in the business is definitely not an easy feat. TopCakes has learned the ins and outs of the industry – what clients want and how they want it, as well as what works best in making the best designed cakes one could ever want.

TopCakes is a major player in the events industry today. They are affiliated with the country’s top caterers, venues and hotels, party shops, event coordinators, etc. Favoured for their unique, customized designs, and delicious cakes, the growth of TopCakes as an industry favourite comes as no surprise.


Celebrity Cakes for:

  • Actress Julia Montes 18th birthday

  • TV 5 Princess Eula Caballero 18th

  • Surprise Wedding of Zoren and Carmina

  • 1st birthday of Actress Andi Eigenmann daughter, Elli

  • 2nd birthday of Alejandro, Son of Denisse Laurel

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