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Dragon Fireworks was established to cater to the Philippine market’s demand for safe, world-class, quality fireworks and pyrotechnics since 1992.  They became the very first licensed pyrotechnic manufacturer in the Philippines in 1992, the initial 1 hectare facility has since grown to 8 hectares, now employing more than 300 employees.

For debuts, apart from different kinds of usual fireworks, Dragon Fireworks can also provide hand-held confetti devices, safe indoor pyrotechnics, special effects such as the creation of fogs, snow, fire, bubbles, confetti blizzards and streamer blasts, as well as offering TEC DPSS laser projectors and choreographing music-synchronized laser shows for the most demanding multimedia applications.


  • The very first licensed pyro technic manufacturer in the Philippines in 1992

  • The largest fireworks manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of professional display and consumer fireworks in the Philippines

  • The largest and only ISO 9001:2008 certified fireworks manufacturer in South East Asia

  • The most trusted brand by consumers! They remain the Philippines’ NUMBER ONE fireworks manufacturer since 1992.

  • The most trusted brand by professionals! We are the largest supplier of fireworks products to other fireworks display companies all over the Philippines.

  • The official fireworks provider to:

    • 23rd Southeast Asian Games

    • The Champion of the 1st Philippine National Fireworks Display Competition.

    • 2006 Palau Independence Day Celebrations.

  • Repetitive winners of multiple awards for excellence in product quality such as the PNP-CSG

  • Pyrotechnic Manufacturer of the Year Award

  • National Shopper’s Choice Award for being the Number One Fireworks Brand in the Philippines

  • Parangal ng Bayan National Consumers’ Excellence Award for Quality & Excellence in Pyrotechnic Manufacture

  • International Business Initiative Direction Gold Star Award for Quality (France)

  • Philippine Web Awards

  • People’s Choice Award as the number one Manufacturer of Display, Consumer, and Indoor Pyrotechnics in the Philippines

  • Using the Pyrodigital Computer Firing System, the equipment of choice used by Disney Theme Parks, Universal Studios, and other prominent institutions all over the world

  • The China/Asia regional distributor of ShowSim — considered the best computer simulation fireworks choreography software in the market.

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