Planning your Debut — preparing your menu

A debut is something every Filipina dreams of having. A debut is just like a sweet sixteen or quinceanera, only it is done on the 18th birthday. It is perhaps the second, next to a wedding, in terms of importance which is why most girls dream of having their ideal and perfect debut.


Julia Montes enjoying her time preparing for the big event — photo by Nice Print Photo

In most cases, girls prepare their debut like an actual ball. There would be tons of dancing, people in gown and dresses, different programs and the likes. Some girls also choose to have a simple and intimate party just at home with a few friends and family members. However, regardless of how big it is, planning a party such as this means considering a lot of factors—one of these elements is being the food to prepare.

An obvious fact to consider when preparing your food is your guests. You are in charge of your guest list so you should know how many you should prepare. You have to contemplate if there is a necessary allowance to adjust. Are there any of your friends or family members who eat more than others?

Also contemplate on whether you can manage cooking by yourself. If it would only be a small gathering then probably you could. If that’s the case, you should plan your menu so you can do shopping early. Make sure that you would still cover the main course as well as the dessert.

A simple party should still be complete after all. Furthermore, don’t waste valuable time on the day of the event of trying to remember where you’ve stashed your platters, plates, linens and the likes so plan out what dishes you’ll use and clean and polish them few days before the event. You can also set the table ahead of time if it is for sit-down events while for cocktail parties you can lay serving dishes and napkins out for snacks the day before.

In most cases, especially in debuts that are extravagant, the expertise of catering services are employed. Caterers would offer a wide variety of choices which is why this is what is usually recommended. Much like Julia Montes’ debut where she had a buffet catered by Juan Carlo the caterer, which presented different variations of food; from different pasta, sushi, unique appetizers and even different rice choices. Some of her choices for her menu consisted of mushroom adobados shooters for her appetizer, pork Geneva style dish for one of the pain courses together with different rice varieties such as steamed fragrant rice and Moroccan rice and butterfly designed cupcakes for dessert.

The idea of having different varieties of cuisine is a good thing especially if you have a big number of guests. That way, you would surely catch their taste buds since they have different choices. After all, not everyone loves sushi, so it would be a risk to have only Japanese foods and not everyone likes pasta so it would be a risk to cater only Italian cuisines.

Basically, when planning your menu for your debut, or any party for that matter, your main priority is your guests. How many would you invite? What cuisine do they like? How much do they eat? Food is one of the most awaited part in a celebration so by catering a delicious set of menu, your debut would be perfect and memorable for both you and your guests.

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