Like a Lady: Understanding the Intricate Nature of Women

Women's Nature

Be honest: you can’t understand women. Even the closest to you seem to be aliens. Your best friend, sister, girlfriend, grandmother, even your mother—totally different species. But you care about your sister so you help her plan her debut.

Now you start asking: “Was that the right choice? Can I make it through this?” And then the pressure starts building—you have to get everything right: the motif, the choice of venue, and especially the debut catering services. You haven’t even started your part of the preparation, but it’s already overwhelming…

Hang in there. You know what you need to start with? To understand the nature of women. They do have it intricately but your solution is that simple. Let us help!

Listen to Her

Not hear, listen. Nothing paves the path to understanding better than communication. In this case, nothing paves the path to understanding women better than listening.

Letting your girl speak and truly listening to all she says tells her you care about her and her needs. Not that women naturally feed off attention or anything close, it’s just that since they genuinely care for others, they also hope to be cared for.

Your girl feels the same. Even if it’s only during this time, she will forever cherish the attention you share. Plus, since you’ll most likely get on her good side, you will never feel the wrath of the woman—trust me, you don’t want to come across that. For an idea, have you seen 2012?

Hang Out Together

Since you’re done with the first step, why not take it further? You’ve already invested some time listening to her, so I bet you’re ready to add effort into your investment.

This is where you put your memory to the test. I mean, you did take down mental notes while you were listening to her, right? You know where she’s going to shop today, what she’s looking for, the café she wants to try, what time she’s going to yoga, and the like—right? If yes, then go! With her! Quickly!

Her telling you may be a hint that she wants somebody to come with her, and that somebody may be you! You’re bound to learn about her if you do some activities together. But remember: pick the right activities to share. You wouldn’t want to come off too desperate, right?

Like what She Likes

The same as you’d want women to adapt to your taste—the games, the cars, the activities, etc.—your girl would want the same. So if she likes One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, and all the glam of Taylor Swift, try your best to like them. Not only does that repeat that you care about her, but it also backs her up on her belief that her taste is as solid as gold.

Now if your sister hates more than she likes, then by all means hate what she hates! Be the minion to her Regina George. That only means you’ve got her back, through the good and the bad of her tastes. Girls surely appreciate that.

Help Her Out

Girls have problems. And don’t you dare say it’s because they overly exaggerate things. For all you know, you may be the one undermining things.

One of the reasons why she talks to you or wants to hang out may be because she has a problem. Try to get to know what it’s about, because to do so means that you’re actually trying to deepen your bond. Now you really know what sort of things bothers her, and how she reacts to the problem.

Be Her Friend

Really be her friend. That means being somebody she can count on.

Now that you have the hint with how to approach women, you can try understanding their intricate nature. That’s already a species off your list of universal aliens to study.


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