Like a Lady: Five Flicks to Help you Embrace Womanhood

Zooey Deschanel

From the sending out of the invitations to the hiring of the debut catering, preparations for most special of all birthdays can test the patience and sharpen the creativity of every young woman. But no matter how unforgettably awesome your debut turns out to be, the real adventure starts the morning after as you officially enter the world of womanhood.

If you’ve been pouring your soul in trying to find the perfect debut dress or concocting the most cheerful playlist for the dance floor, it’s time you take a break with a movie marathon that will empower your inner lady. Time to grab some popcorn my dear lady, because your special pre-debut flick marathon itinerary is here!

Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia

One quality traditionally expected out of a woman is the ability to craft delicious meals. But despite this ancient standard, some girls are simply more talented in other aspects such as sports, music, and so on. Such wasn’t the case for Julia Child and Julie Powell though, whose passion for cooking allowed them to overcome limitations and break binderies – one recipe at a time.

Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels

So you weren’t the type of girl who always wanted to play with dolls, huh? Well, does this also mean you prefer a pair of badass combat boots than some sexy high heels? If you saluted to the following questions, then it’s time you take a look at 2003’s “Charlie’s Angels”, a spy film featuring a trio of crime-fighting babes who can give James Bond a run for his money. These gals are strong and independent and they don’t need a man to help them save the world, with the exception of Charlie and Bosley, of course.

The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady

As the 20th century’s longest-serving British Prime Minister and the only woman to have held office, Margaret Thatcher is a lady who doesn’t just stood her ground – she planted her legacy deep.

Though criticized for taking on a supposedly neutral opinion, “The Iron Lady” depicted so much more than just political views in Great Britain –  it was a story of a woman’s courage and bravery while battling for herself and her people. With Meryl Streep doing her wonders in this tragically beautiful biopic, this is a historical drama that will inspire the leader budding inside you!

(500) Days of Summer

(500) Days of Summer

Growing up is a tedious task. And as much as your parents could protect you from ending up with the wrong guy, you’ll make a few heartbreaking missteps before you find the right man. However, there will be those times where you’ll be the one dropping the bombs. Act accordingly, they say.

Remember that just because you’re the woman, you’ll always be the one left sobbing in a corner. Sure, we do have our vulnerable moments, but there will be times we’ll come to realize that the love story we think we have with someone is actually just a passing star. And that holding on to some who believes that love to be true deserves to know when a particular feeling is no longer mutual. Summer teaches us that.

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

Nothing beats the fusion of drama and comedy of Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan’s mother-daughter tandem in “Freaky Friday”. Like every other teenager, we go through a series of emotional roller coaster rides in school, our neighborhood and of course, at home. And for teenager with a psychologist for a mother, it’s a loopity-loop ride.

Of course, the mother-daughter war ends in sweet bliss with Tess (Curtis) and Anna (Lohan) are eventually understand and accept each other. Sure, they had to be cursed by an old Asian lady in a restaurant for them to reach reconcilement, but we all gotta start somewhere, right?

The road to womanhood may or may not be all the glitter you imagine it to be. And although it does have its perks, the responsibility you are accorded with as a young adult will be expected out of you. But hey, take it as an opportunity to undergo a total makeover, not only with your look, but also with your goals, motivational drives and personality.

After all, we’re not little girls anymore, right?


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