Like A Lady: 6 Cute Hairstyles For Your Curly Hair

Alex Kingston_Doctor Who_Curly Hair_River Song

When you’re just counting down the days of your debut, everything has to be planned out and ready to roll.

Your debut catering services should be ready, your dress laundered and pressed, and your make-up motif finalized. But what about your hair? Will you wear it up or down? To braid or not to braid?

For you curly haired ladies out there, check out these cute hairdos to help you decide what hairstyle to wear on your big day.

For Short Curly Hair

The Rope Braid

            Twist it to the side!

This may look like it took a long time to create but it’s actually very easy to do. Simply do a side part, and French braid a small section of your hair starting from the hairline, ending just above the ear. Secure it with a hairpin then use finishing spray to give it a unique shine.

Deeply Parted Hair

            Do a deep-part Diva ‘Do!

It’s amazing how a simple change of part can transform your look. If you’ve got side bangs, then this is perfect for you. Deeply part your hair above the middle of your eyebrow.  Dab some curl cream on your locks and create swirl curls by wrapping small sections of hair around your fingers. Let your hair dry.

For Mid-length Curly Hair

Curly Hair Bun

            Gorgeous Bun!

Part your dry hair to one side and leave a few tendrils close to your hairline. Sweep the rest of your hair up to the back of your head and secure it with hairpins. Use hairspray to make sure it holds through the night.                  

Sweet and Simple Curly Hairdo

            Sweet and Simple!

Sometimes you don’t need to go crazy with your hair. Your gorgeous curls are enough to give it style.

For Long Curly Hair

Curly Hair Faux Hawk

Go with a Fauw Hawk!

You don’t have to shave your head to create a Mohawk. All you need is some gel, a blow dryer, a comb, hairpins, and hairspray.

Spread hair gel all over your hair and comb through it to make sure that everything has been covered. While using the hairdryer, comb your hair to dry the sides straight back. Hold the front of your hair and backcomb. Pouf it up and secure with hair pins. Leave the ends loose. Rake your hair to the center and hold it in place with hairpins. Duplicate your actions to both sides until everything is in place.

Girls who plan to have a music themed debut can rock this look all night long!

Braid Crown

Try A Braid Crown!

Who says you need jewels and metal to make a crown? This is one look that’s perfect for those ladies who want to feel regal on their day.

To give your hair some height, tease the crown and part your hair in the middle down to the back of your hair. Leave a couple of pieces in front to frame your face. Place most of your hair on one side and start french braiding it to your crown.  Remember to grab hair while you braid downwards. Do the same to the other side. Create a crown by flipping your braids upside down one by one. Secure with hairpins.

For a more polished look, you can tuck the ends under the braids and secure with a hairpin or two.

Zest up your style for your debut night. Go ahead and try out these cute hairstyles for your curly hair!


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