Like a Lady: 5 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles that would make Rapunzel Proud


We all dream of that special day where we get to be the lovely, elegant princess that Rapunzel is. Everything has to be perfect, from your precious gown, to the music playlist, to the debut catering, and of course, to the choice of your hairstyle. And with that, here are gorgeous braided hairstyles to consider for your dreamy debut!

Side Braid

Embrace the Season!

Are you an autumn girl who’s calm and peaceful? Or perhaps a free-spirited girl who loves spring flowers bloom? Maybe an energetic soul who just doesn’t want summer to be over?

Season themed debuts brings out an graceful touch to portraying your personality. And what better way to celebrate your 18th birthday with your family and friends than to show your personality overflow in your season-themed debut?

A messy, side-braided updo will add to the style of your sweet celebration without overpowering its simpleness.


Point out your Passion!

We all love to be identified according to our passions, and given the opportunity, we’d share it blissfully with the rest of the world. And if you have a thing for sports, then you can definitely highlight your athletic side on your special day.

A simple braided updo, with small smooth curls gently swept back, will evoke a glamorous look to a sporty chick without cluttering her face, highlighting a radiantly beautiful, athletic woman.

Braided Hair

Your Favorite Fiction!

Fanatics of film can also evoke the hairstyle of their dreams in the same day they welcome womanhood. You can draw from the sultry era of 1920’s Chicago or you can go modern with the innovative hairdos of pop culture icons. The possibilities are endless! Just wear your braids with confidence and you’re sure to have one unforgettable debut.

Now, if you think accomplishing a debut inspired by your favorite movie, series or theatrical play is a big, fat bothersome task, don’t fear for with the right choice of colors, lighting and decoration, this look can be achieved in a wink!

Braided Faux Hawk

Get Funky with It!

Rock, Pop, punk the blues or jazz – you name it! An audiophile’s dream debut would probably be a music festive night. One way to achieve that? A band, or even a DJ! You can even perform your own music! Whether you dance to the music or create it yourself, you’ll surely be center of attraction – as you should be.

If you’re a big time music junkie, one braid you can try out is the braided faux-hawk, a fake Mohawk that depicts beauty in soulful angst and passion. This hairdo can be recreated using simple French/reverse braids focused on the center of your head piled up in a line in the middle to resemble that rebellious mohawk.

Traditional Braid

Ye Olde Braides!

With the wide range of modern and complex themes available in the present age, we often think of ways to still personalize them, whether to simplify them or to add more pizzazz, to our own liking. But what will always and forever be a standard yet stylish way of celebrating your coming of age is the traditional debut, which can be reflected by your hairdo. Because a nice, simple braid can be more than enough if you carry it with charm and grace.

Your debut is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that represents the beginning of your life’s next chapter. It may not define you as a woman, but it does open your eyes to the road that is ahead of you. It opens your heart to new experiences, places, and people. So remember, your imagination is the only limit to the ideas you have. All you have to do is bring them to life!



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