Like a Lady: 5 Adorable Hairstyles for your Short Hair

Audrey Hepburn Short Hair

There are many key factors to consider with regards to your overall debutante look – one of which is your hairstyle. And while each hairstyle is unique in its own way, it would seem that longer hair gives a stylist more material to work on than those with shorter lengths.

Though generally true, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice having to look dull and boring while celebrating on your special 18th. As the provider of your debut catering service, we simply cannot allow that, which is exactly why we’ve come up with this post to inspire the short-haired ladies with some adorable styles. Check ‘em out!

Braided Short Hair

Modern Rapunzel Braids

While short hair is indeed the newest fad, braids and twirls are still in! Why not take a twist and turn those short fringes into a braided crown, for that subtle elegance? Make Rapunzel proud of her short hair by incorporating braids into your charming debut look! For some braided inspirations, check out our previous post about debut hairstyles!

Cool Hairstyle

Teen Vogue

For those who prefer a simple yet sleek do, a suave pompadour gives a debutante that instant vogue finish! The use of mousse and a spritz of hairspray are the only key things you need to pull off this look, so if you are a minimalist junky, then this is the hairstyle that you should be aiming for.

Swept Bun

Swept Bun

Modest charm is always the way to go. Girls with shoulder-length hair can achieve the illusion of longer hair by simply extending their chignon bun down to one side. A Low Chignon is perfect for those who want a bun without creating an overpowering look. Let a few curled strands down one side of your cheek and you are one glammed up lady!

Pretty Hairstyle

Vintage Glam Babe

If you have an eye for vintage-chicness, then glam up by smoothing your curls for a more sleek, defined hairdo. Retro yourself up with soft, Monroe-like curls! So, instead of simply curling your awesome bob, level it up by creating this chic vintage look. This will surely amaze your guests and leave them in awe when they find their young lady embracing an old-fashion sense and working it!

Updo Hairstyle

Work that Updo!

Nothing beats the classics! For a timeless style that will wow your guests, simply pull your hair away for your face and lock those locks into a bun or a French Twist. It’s that easy! Such hairdos never go out of style so you’re sure to bloom like a lady as you make your grand entrance.

Your short locks are never a cause of disadvantage, and neither should you think that way. It is your secret weapon for indestructible fabulousness, so flaunt those adorable locks with these amazing hairstyles for your upcoming debut. We’re sure that your dream will become a reality!


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