Life after the Debut: A Woman’s Journey to Self-Discovery

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By the end of the classic Disney film, Mulan was as swift as a coursing river, had the force of a great typhoon, had the strength of a raging fire, and was as mysterious as the dark side of the moon. But before Mulan was all those things, she was an insecure girl who wished her reflection could show who she was inside.

Mulan joined the army, caused a massive avalanche, defeated the Huns, and saved an entire country, but every young woman could identify with her deeply. Obstacles are inevitable in the confusing, uncertain, inevitable journey of self-discovery, but with the right amount of perseverance and motivation, you’ll be smiling and dancing as you cross the finish line.

Ladies, as you pick your debut package and organize your party playlist, consider these principles that will equip you in your journey to womanhood.

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Free yourself from Peer Pressure

The sad side of reality is that life is often built around expectations. Employees work based on the expectation of their employers and teenagers act based on the expectations of their friends. And while expectations can positively develop our characteristics, we shouldn’t allow it to define our identity. Stay away from the poison of peer pressure and see the world from your own perspective. This is the first step to finding your identity as a strong and independent woman.

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Identify what’s Important to You

This is about choosing your friends, establishing your principles, and discovering your passions. Create ambitions early on because they will serve as a motivation to try new things, meet new faces, and gain new experiences. Hold on to the things dearest to you and never lose sight of them. At the same time, learn to embrace new opportunities because we, as human beings, will always have room for improvement.

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Invest on “Alone Time”

We’re not suggesting that you isolate yourself from everyone else. Just spend at least an hour in solitude, away from the noise and the stress. Take a walk at the park, visit a museum or simply look for a quiet place to stay and meditate. You don’t need to contemplate on the big issues that are going to affect your life; you can simply think about what foods you want to try, what places you want to visit, what type of friends you want to make, and so on. You’ll find that intentionally being alone can be quite relaxing.

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Shed Any Negativity

Believe it or not, this is easier said than done. There are a lot of ways to shed negativity. You can avoid the people who make you feel bad about your choices, or you can make an effort to stop judging people. Don’t let the good things in your life be overshadowed by all the negativity this world as to offer. Be generous, smile more often, show appreciation, compliment the good you see.

Now that you’re finally going to welcome womanhood on your 18th birthday, it’s time to stop and think about what lies ahead of you. Think on these things young lady and make Mulan proud.

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