Life after the Debut: Welcoming Womanhood in Style


Eighteen is a milestone age for most girls all over the world. It’s more than just another year—it represents a step into a new chapter of life as many start college and even families. The idea behind “debuts” is to present a girl to society as a grown woman, with the wisdom, strength, and courage to face life independently, without requiring the support of her parents.

Thus, turning eighteen isn’t just about planning your debut’s theme, catering, dress, and decorations—although those are important details too. Turning eighteen involves seriously  thinking about how you want to be seen as a woman once you become part of “the real world”. Your time as a girl is drawing to a close, and it’s time to step into womanhood in style.

Woman Thinking

Think about who you want to be, and stick to it

A common pitfall for many women (and even men) is the quarter-life crisis, which is a point in their young adult lives where they realize that they have no idea what their purpose in life is.

The key to fighting this is to have an end-goal for your life. What has always been your dream? It doesn’t have to be a practical career, or a “successful” one—if you want to be an artist or a stay-at-home mom, go for it. And then let every decision you make from here on out be in service of that goal, as the Naked Man from How I Met Your Mother puts it.

It keeps you focused as you go through school, and as you look for work eventually. Your goals may shift as you go through different experiences, but always remember the core of what you want to achieve in life.

Young Woman

Learn to keep a home

This may seem like a weird tip because not every girl plans to marry or have kids, but trust me, the homemaking skills you cultivate will serve you even as a single person. Take basic cooking lessons, learn to do chores around the house, and start keeping a budget.

Should you choose to become an exchange student or to migrate someday, you’ll be glad you developed these habits at a young age and while at home, where you can still get helpful advice from trusted peers and family.

Girls having Fun

Enjoy your youth—responsibly

Growing up isn’t all seriousness, though. When you start breaking out of that shell you’ve been in for the past 17 years, bask in it. Schedule fun outings with friends, make new ones, and explore new horizons.

Try out courses at college just because they sound fun. Join organizations that allow you to contribute to causes. Go abroad and take full advantage of all that energy at your disposal to go beyond tourist traps. The important thing is to stay grounded while you’re at it.

Recklessness is different from enjoyment, after all—don’t wind up forcing yourself to grow up too quickly because you have to deal with the consequences of drinking, drugs, sleeping around, and neglecting your responsibilities at school. Keep these Biblical wise words in mind: “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial”.

As you prepare to celebrate your entrance into society in front of your family and friends (looking like a princess to boot), keep in mind that the changes within are the ones that will complete your transformation into a woman. So start strong, and start right!


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