“Let’s Party!” 8 Disney Songs you can Dance to at your Debut

The Little Mermaid

There’s no doubt Disney is the ultimate home of feels, and it’s a great thing that no one will ever be too old for it. So for your debut, make Disney your main source of inspiration! You can go for a dreamy, romantic theme to embrace that true Disney ball experience. No more having to choose the best among debut packages; once you know the theme you want, everything else will follow.

And as for the theme song, well, why not take it from the film inspiration of your choice? However, if you really want to party all night on the dance floor, you can blast an entire playlist of magical Disney songs that defined our childhood. Here are eight songs that you shouldn’t miss out:

“Tale as Old as Time” (Beauty and the Beast)

You’re already wearing the gown, so why channel your inner Belle? With this playing as you dance center-stage, you’re sure to get everyone’s attention, just as Belle did. And it’s romantic, too! Now all you need to get is a beast—I mean, prince!

“Once Upon a Dream” (Sleeping Beauty)

Another romantic song, this Sleeping Beauty tune is the perfect music to dance to with your escort. Tell him you dreamed of him, both figuratively and literally, and he might just be yours. Hey, if Aurora can snag a prince, so can you! All it takes is this song and a dance of a lifetime.

“That’s How You Know” (Enchanted)

Now here is the song that should confirm if your Sleeping Beauty antic worked. It’s basically an upbeat checklist of ways he can show you he likes you even before the dance is over. Ain’t it cute? You can even encourage everyone to join in the fun and dance the night away! Now that’s a party!

“Under the Sea” (The Little Mermaid)

Just to make things clear, this song isn’t suggesting that you should hold your precious debut party under the sea. However, it is the perfect choice if you’re going for a mermaid theme, not to mention that it’s also incredibly easy to dance to. In fact, the song is so irresistibly catchy that everyone’s sure to have this song embedded in their head for days, with the memory of your debut.

“My Belle Evangeline” (The Princess and the Frog)

This may best work if your name is Evangeline, but hey, as long as you’re made to feel special, then you’re as Evangeline as it gets. Slow dance to this lovely song and you’re surely feel like the brightest star in the sky. Finally, you have an excuse to put on the most shimmering sequined dress you can find!

“True to your Heart” (Mulan)

Take it from Mulan’s ancestors: this song is to die for! Why else would they party to it? Not only is it guaranteed to turn up the heat at your party, but it’s also a good reminder for you to be true to your heart even as you grow older. With this song choice, you shall bring honor to your family.

“Hakuna Matata” (The Lion King)

“It means no worries, for the rest of your days.” Need we say more?

“Let It Go” (Frozen)

This is the song that says you’re ready to blossom into a strong and independent woman. You don’t need an ice castle or special powers to feature this song in your debut because you’re already special in your own unique ways. Once “Let It Go” starts playing at your party, fellow ladies will surely sing along to their heart’s content. Yours will be a party far from frozen.

Dancing has to happen at your debut. Whatever list of show tunes you’re testing to make the scene come alive, a Disney song has to be included. That’s rule number one in planning your debut soundtrack.


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