“Let’s Party!” 7 Indie Gems to Play at Your Debut

Party Girl

Planning your debut can be both exhausting and exhilarating. There are so many things to prepare that most girls wouldn’t even know where to begin. Such arrangements include choosing the best debut package, the perfect gown, the ideal venue, the loveliest theme, and on and on and on. Tis a challenge indeed, but it’ll all be worth it the moment the spotlight shines on you.

Celebrating your 18th birthday should be a night full of love and laughter, singing and dancing. For your debut playlist, we suggest that you ignore what’s popular and fill your party with catchy indie music that feels fresh and alive. Here are seven underrated gems that will inject an extra dose of energy and excitement to your party:

Happy With Me – HOLYCHILD

HOLYCHILD calls their music “brat pop”, which some people often describe as a mix of Katy Perry and Andy Warhol. But before you find that combination weird, you need to listen to “Happy With Me”. It’s definitely a head-bopping song, perfect for warming up to a wild party ahead.

Opposite Adults – Chiddy Bang

If you listen to Chiddy Bang’s 2010 single, you’ll notice that it pleasurably has similarities to MGMT’s “Kids”. In fact, the title itself, which seems like a crossword clue, suggests that’s actually based on the MGMT song.  “Opposite Adults” is about reminiscing your days as a kid and thinking about the things that you have now, which is a perfect notion for someone who’s about to welcome womanhood.

San Francisco – The Mowgli’s

If the name of the band seems familiar, it’s probably because it’s based on a character in The Jungle Book. “San Francisco” hit the charts back in 2013 and reached the top spot on numerous radio stations. The lyrics talk of the feeling of how love and hearts beating as one, and this song will definitely make you fall in love with everything that has to do with romance.

Not Your Fault – AWOLNATION

AWOLNATION’s creative use of pixilation, “claymation” and stop motion has resulted in one of the most enjoyable music videos in recent years. “Not Your Fault” debuted in 2011 and became one of the top electronic rock songs. This is sure to give your guests the jolt of kinetic energy required for hardcore partying!

By My Side – Great Good Fine Ok

The Great Good Fine Ok duo released “By My Side” in September 2014. Their bittersweet lyrics and their synth-pop style makes this song a worthy snappy anthem to play in the middle of your party. And if you dig this song, then you’re also going to love “Not Going Home”, so be sure to check that out as well.

Let’s Dance – Little Daylight

Little Daylight released their David Bowie cover, “Let’s Dance”, about the same time the previous song was first heard on radios. The song deservedly got plenty of buzz by indie fans all around because their electro-pop spin on a punk rock song is a definite earworm. For sure, your friends will sing to every note of this song, even after your party.

Dreamers – Scavenger Hunt

This electro-pop band is attracting a lot of loyal listeners day by day. The sexy vocals coupled by the irresistible tune makes “Dreamers” the ultimate party song for any debut, no matter what taste you may have. It’s the kind of song all young people can relate to since we are all dreamers in this small, limited world.

They say music is what feelings sound like. If that’s the case, then you definitely want your wow your guests until they’re all infected with joyous vibes. Choose your music well! Try out these rockin’ good indie jams and you’ll be parting like you’ve never partied before.


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