“You Go, Girl!” Make-Up Tricks that’ll Make you Look Even more Stunning on your Debut

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Is your debut just around the corner? Have you chosen your debut catering services and venue? Have you found the gown that will best complement your assets? How about the program? Are your volunteers prepared and your playlist organized?

Indeed, there are a lot of essential things to prepare for your debut, and that includes your make-up. It’s your special day so you have to look good and feel confident about yourself. Here are some make-up tricks that will make you look even more special on your welcome to womanhood.


Maintain a Healthy Skin

Make-up looks best on healthy skin, so make it a point to always keep your face moisturized, but remember to not overdo it to prevent your make-up from falling apart. Use sun block and take vitamins daily. Try to exercise everyday and exfoliate your skin once a week to get rid of dead skin cells. Cleanse your face every night for consistently clear pores.

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Use a Good Foundation

Foundation is the makeup’s base, so using a good one would keep your make up intact for the whole event. Brands like Mac and Bobbi Brown aren’t expensive for nothing. Apply the right brand and there will be no need for you to worry about retouching – so just keep partying the night away.

For and even longer lasting hold, you can mix some primer with the foundation. A lot of girls neglect the use of primer but people with oily skin should definitely not skip this. Your make-up creasing is cause by the oil from your skin. If you don’t want lines all over your face during your debut, then simply apply some primer on.

For girls having problems with their acne, use oil free formulas. Using oil-based cosmetics will only irritate your skin more.

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Less is More

Natural make up is definitely the best look. Too much eyebrows will make you look harsh, too much blush turn you into a tomato and too much foundation will turn you into a cake. You’ve just turned 18; smoky eyes and dark lips would look probably tacky on a young face. Don’t overdo your make-up. Try to enhance your features, not cover them up.

Here are tips on creating a more natural look:

  • Instead of using eyeliners which outlines harshly, try to put a dark eye shadow on your lash line instead. This will create an illusion of thicker eye lashes and larger eyes.
  • Put blush on the apple of your cheeks only – not on your whole face.
  •  Red is not the only color for lipstick. Try using nude or lighter shades for your lips to get a more natural look.

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Invest on Waterproof Mascara

With all the heartfelt wishes from your family and friends, it’s almost certain you’d be shedding tears on your special night, and tissue paper would not be enough to keep you looking radiant. Get a water proof mascara if you don’t want black lines running down your face, or else you’ll end up looking like a sulking panda.

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Match your Make-Up Colors with your Skin Tone

You don’t want to look like you just showered with baby powder or as if you underwent a bad experience with the tanning machine. When buying make up, ask if they have tester for you to use as a sample. Also, contrary to the popular belief, you cannot get the correct color of foundation or concealer from simply applying it on your hand. To get a more accurate match, test them on the side of your face or neck.

Look your best for your special night. If you decide to have your make-up done by a professional, don’t forget to tell them what you want. It would be even better if you have a photo of the look you’re going for. Being beautiful is not only about make-up and cosmetics, it is also about how you carry and conduct yourself in front of people. Never forget to be confident and be yourself. Have a happy debut!


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