“You Go, Girl!” Figuring Out your Body Type for your Debut Dress

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As the provider of your debut catering, it is our mission to help you with every little thing that concerns your big day, and this includes the adventure of choosing the perfect gown. You rummage through countless stores and websites, but you just can’t seem to put your finger on the right one. Why? Because you’ve no idea about your body type!

Quite a revelation, huh? Well, not really, because figuring out your body type won’t be as complicated as it seems. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! Our quick tips are right below.

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Catch your Curves

The very first step in this simple guide would be to examine your body. Doing this will make you more aware of your body’s different qualities.

  • Identify where you gain weight the most; this will help you realize your body’s natural shape and tendencies.
  • Wear as little as possible while examining your body. Across a full-length mirror, look at yourself from head to toe and try to imagine a shape that closely resembles your mid-body section.
  • Focusing on your torso helps. Pay attention to the thinnest part then identify if there are curves on your sides or not.
  • Whether or not you find curves, determine the largest and narrowest sections of your torso.
  • Take note of your problem areas, as well as your positive features. These will help you narrow down your basic shape.

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Take your Measurements

Eye-balling can oftentimes be inaccurate; you may conclude to be of this shape when you’re really of that shape altogether. So for those who need an extra guide, measuring yourself helps determine your torso’s exact curvatures. So get a hold on that measuring tape now! Got it? Not yet? Well what are you waiting for? How about now? Awesome.

Start with your bust! Keeping the tape parallel to the floor, stick a thumb beneath the tape as it’s wrapped around your chest. Making it a bit loose will prevent you from taking an inaccurately smaller measurement than what you really have.

Next is to be “find” your waist and measure it. Still in front of the full-length mirror, identify your waist creases, which is exactly where you wrap the tape around. Now with good posture and relaxed breathing carefully, write the number of the resulting measurement.

Last but not least is your hip, which is the area parallel to your hip bones. Simply apply the same steps as you did with your bust by sticking your thumb beneath the tape as you note down the number.

Yay! You’re nearly done!

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Compare and Identify

Considering all the swerves and sways of the different body types, you’ll probably end up having a hard time confidently identifying your body’s overall form and shape. When you do encounter this confusion, it’s time toenumerate the body shapes and make the necessary comparisons.

Lay out your measurements and analyze your proportions compared to the primary features of its equivalent body types:

If in your self-examination you noticed that you’re more rounded than curvy, you have an Apple-Shaped body type, which portray structures that have more built shoulders, midsection and hips, thus resembling a rough-rounded apple.

If, instead of wide shoulders, you have a petite upper body with bodily hips, then it’s safe to conclude that you’re a Pear-Shaped lady. From a slim upper torso leading to a curvature, women with this triangular-like body type tend to have wider hips and voluminous thighs, usually measuring wider than their shoulders.

Meanwhile, those with an Inverted Triangle body type have more built shoulders than hips. They are busty yet have narrow and flat waists compared to their upper torso, thus giving them flatter rears and more slender legs.

Ruler-Shaped girls, on the other hand, tend to have slim and equally proportioned shoulders, busts, waists and thighs. While these girls’ waists are a few inches smaller than their bust, extra weight do gather around their stomach or at their back areas.

Unlike Ruler-Shaped girls who have minimal curves, those who are evenly proportional only in their shoulders, chest and thighs are of the Hourglass-Shape. Such girls showcase narrow waists and voluptuous figures, which should make each man stop on his track if she’s coupled with the proper dress.

In finding the perfect gown that will best complement your assets, identifying your body type is a step that you simply cannot skip. We wish you a magical debut!


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