“You Go, Girl!” Dealing with College & Heartbreak

Pitch Perfect

Each and every girl, regardless of nationality or upbringing, will eventually blossom into an elegant woman. And although this is officially symbolized by the celebration of the debut, there are other events in life that makes us feel more mature and whole and developed. It’s exhilarating, really.

Take for example your first day of college. It was the time when you realized that ahead of you were the challenge of new responsibilities, the opportunity to become independent, and of course, the possibility to finally find romance. And while the first two points are inevitable, the third one isn’t always the case for all girls. Because reality says that sometimes, you have to bump into a few Mr. Wrongs before you get to meet your knight in shining armor.

So when the sour side of Puppy Love pinches your delicate heart, remember that college isn’t a place for you to sulk and be careless. Today, we’ll help you cope with all the teenage drama even before the professor announces the date for the final exam.

Find a Forte

You’re a young adult, and heartbreaks are naturally one of many obstacles that you have to overcome. While sulking and rolling on the floor loathing has become a standard afterschool activity for some college girls, wouldn’t it be better if you spent that precious time developing your skills instead?

Harnessing your inner artist or musician would help you spend more time with yourself without any negativity. One good way to start off is by joining a club or organization in your college! You can even start your own recreational project. Remember: an independent woman takes charge of her life!

Walk with Optimism

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, something unexpected trips you and knocks you down – that’s life in a nutshell. One way to “hack” this never ending loop is to approach it with a positive attitude!

Indulge on spontaneous vacations and drive out of town with your gal pals! Random trips from impulse and overexcitement are usually the most meaningful and brings the best bliss one could ask for. As a young woman, spend your time and energy trying new things that will broaden your outlook and improve your character.

Sisters before Misters

Avoid giving yourself too much time alone with your emotions. So whenever you’re planning anything, be sure to include your girlfriends in it! Host sleepovers! Go out on a spa weekend! It’s healthy to leave your heart every once in a while and just have fun just for the heck of it.

Feel them Feels

It is a fact of life that a jar of chewy cookies, a bowl of popcorn, and a tube of ice cream of your favorite flavor can wash most of your tears away. Pick your poison, grab your best friend and watch empowering flicks that will help you embrace your womanhood. Don’t fight those feelings! Let ‘em all out, girl! More often than not, flushing all the aches from your recuperating heart is all you need.

All women are beautiful in their own unique ways, and they will bloom at the right time and under the right circumstances. They’re pretty delicate too, but if we nurture them and show them the love they deserve, an angel will surface and touch our lives. Don’t you just find that amazing?


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