“You Go, Girl!” 5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Single Lady

Happy New Year

A new year means new trends, new clothes, new gadgets, a new outlook—new everything! This leads us to the question: Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions? It won’t hurt to set goals for the coming year, you know. Yes, it is a challenge, but it can also be your way of starting anew. For the lady tired of distressing relationships, laying out your New Year’s Resolutions can be a way of avoiding the blues of having a significant other.

So what kind of woman do you want to be? And what exactly do you want to achieve? You thought choosing the perfect debut package was hard? Wait ‘til you face the raw challenges of reality as an independent woman. Now before you take on all that 2015 has to offer, here are five New Year’s Resolutions that you should hold on to:

New Year ResolutionsSee the World!

Being single means you have all the time in the world just for yourself. You don’t have to worry about another entity: whether or not he’s eaten already, if he’s safe, or if he’s thinking about you. You wouldn’t feel the need to constantly meet with somebody, too. With none of these to worry about, you can leave the country anytime and to anywhere! Say hello to adventures that are out of this world! Well, sort of. You get the point.

Have More Greens & Seeds!

Living healthy is all the rave nowadays, and rightfully so—you’re nearing adulthood, sister! It’s always better to take care of yourself now than later. Don’t they say the body is a temple?  It’s not necessarily about somebody else worshipping that fine figure, but about making sure you’re fit and healthy, ready for days to study—and to party!

Keep the Piggy Happy!

Sure, you enjoy your allowance as you enjoy that cup of Frappuccino in one hand and the latest phone release in the other. Plus, you don’t have to shower any guy with gifts; you don’t have to be quick with spending those extra cash you may have right now. So don’t forget the little piggy that eats your money! A full piggy bank will always come in handy in times of need.

Go Out with the Girls More!

Whether or not you have a guy, your girls have got your back. And hey, they’re always there for you, so why not seize the opportunities! Bug them more, treat them out, or just have them look at every outfit you try every shopping day. Doesn’t matter what activities you engage in as long as that bond becomes stronger. It isn’t about clinging onto somebody, but about thanking them for being there for you. It’s chicks before—oh, you get it.

Study Most Diligently!

Education is the foundation of your future. They don’t say that to mess with you; it really means something, and something big. You may be saving in the piggy right now, but all you have in there won’t be enough if you don’t plan for your career and follow the path leading to it. Not only will your parents be proud, but you’ll also be able to fend for yourself and be the kind of woman that men will be attracted to. After all, you won’t be single forever, right? You will meet the right man for you when the time is right.

Everybody’s into having her own list of things to try and habits to refresh, because why not? Even though you’re sure that the chances of checking off an item on your list are closer to 0%, starting anew is exhilarating. Plus, it’s exciting to work towards the woman you’ve always dreamed to be. Have a blessed 2015, girls!


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