“Deck the Halls!” 5 Essentials for Setting up a Christmas Debut Party

Mean Girls

Just because your birthday’s on Christmas or near it doesn’t mean you can’t have a grand celebration. Take advantage of the season and prepare the ultimate party of red, green, and everything in between! So don’t let go of that guest list, those ball gowns, and the choice list of debut packages just yet. Before this year ends, you’ll be decking the halls—and everyone’s going to love it.

To bring the Christmas spirit to life on your birthday, you need to get these essentials remembered and ready:

Let It Snow

Everybody loves snow, so you may want to give your guests lots of it.  You don’t have to go for the real stuff–unless you want to take them to the North Pole, that’ll be a kick to other debuts out there! But seriously, you can DIY your way to Winter Wonderland by looking up some good online tips. And even though it’s true that nothing beats the original, don’t they that say it’s the the thought that counts?

O, Christmas Tree

Nothing beats off-season debut parties in the simplest way by adding a good ‘ol Christmas tree. You cannot forget this tradition in adding a spice of life to your decor, especially if you want your guests to remember where to put their gifts! If you’re worrying about the color, well, you shouldn’t be. There’s no shame in getting an artificial Christmas tree knowing that they can be rather glamorous if you find the perfect design.

Jingle Bell Rock

Jingle Bell Rock

If there’s one good thing you can get from Mean Girl Regina George, it has to be how to rock your jingle bell. And how do you make use of this? By rocking your party with the beats and the lyrics, of course! Hire a band, perform with your BFFs and serenade your guests. If there’s another good thing that you can get from Regina is that once you go grand, you go grand.

12 Days of Christmas

Think of 12 instead of 18 – that can be a way to spice up your debut. Better yet, spice everything up! Have a dance with 12 “elves” instead of guys! Feature 12 poinsettia plants instead of the typical roses! Make12 Christmas wishes instead of the usual birthday wishes. Mixing things up sure adds Christmas to your debut celebration.

All I Want for Christmas…

…Is you! This means you shouldn’t forget to thank everybody in your party. They’re not just there for the eats and a taste of winter, they’re there because they hold an important place in your life. They took the time to be there with you so take a bit of your time for them, too. Don’t forget the parents who made all of this possible, of course, and you have just brought to life the spirit of Christmas in your debut party.

Remember these good tips and yours will definitely be the party of the year.


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