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Emma Watson Wallpaper

Role Model of the Month: Emma Watson

We started to love her as the bright Hermione Granger, correcting Ron and Harry on their “Leviosas”.  But even though the young witch is all grown up and among us in the Muggle world, she still is a character we dearly adore and follow. Before you continue musing over which debut catering is the best […]

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Natalie Dormer

Role Model of the Month: The Flattering Natalie Dormer

Growing up, we always have those awesome set of people that we always look up to. It can be our parents, older siblings, our favorite teacher, or it can be a cool, beautiful, and down-to-earth celebrity. We introduced our “Role Model of the Month” series with everybody’s favorite comedienne, Tina Fey. For this month’s edition, […]

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TIna Fey

Role Model of the Month: The Talented Tina Fey

Your debut’s sure to be a party with a celebrity around, especially if it’s the witty jokester, Tina Fey. If you want to make your debut seem to come straight out from a Saturday Night Live episode, the comedienne is your best bet. But then again, if Ms. Fey can’t make it to your big […]

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Zooey Deschanel

Like a Lady: Five Flicks to Help you Embrace Womanhood

From the sending out of the invitations to the hiring of the debut catering, preparations for most special of all birthdays can test the patience and sharpen the creativity of every young woman. But no matter how unforgettably awesome your debut turns out to be, the real adventure starts the morning after as you officially […]

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Mason Jar Dessert

7 Lovely Mason Jar Desserts to Serve at your Debut

A lovely, mouth-watering chocolate cake with strawberries on top is the perfect way to conclude a meal. Isn’t it a sweet thought to hold a dear cupcake with your fingers and savor the sugary icing and chocolate from it? Whether it’s a cupcake or cookie, everyone craves for a well-served dessert, especially in social events. […]

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Like a Lady: 5 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles that would make Rapunzel Proud

We all dream of that special day where we get to be the lovely, elegant princess that Rapunzel is. Everything has to be perfect, from your precious gown, to the music playlist, to the debut catering, and of course, to the choice of your hairstyle. And with that, here are gorgeous braided hairstyles to consider […]

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Life after the Debut: 7 Timeless Rules for Dating and Courtship

People are naturally social, and as we grow older, we eventually meet people who we’d like to date. We reach an age where we long for someone to share our life with, someone to become our source of strength during hard times. We all want to have that fairytale romance with a happy ending, but […]

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Julia Montes

Proud to be Pinoy: Traditions of the Filipino Debut

Back in the day, it was tradition for upper class families to present their young women to society through a formal banquet. This is done by introducing the debutante to eligible bachelors and their families, in the hopes that someday, it would result into marriage with the right man. Although this elegant soiree was originally […]

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Girls having Fun

Life after the Debut: Welcoming Womanhood in Style

Eighteen is a milestone age for most girls all over the world. It’s more than just another year—it represents a step into a new chapter of life as many start college and even families. The idea behind “debuts” is to present a girl to society as a grown woman, with the wisdom, strength, and courage […]

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