Mean Girls

“Deck the Halls!” 5 Essentials for Setting up a Christmas Debut Party

Just because your birthday’s on Christmas or near it doesn’t mean you can’t have a grand celebration. Take advantage of the season and prepare the ultimate party of red, green, and everything in between! So don’t let go of that guest list, those ball gowns, and the choice list of debut packages just yet. Before […]

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TIna Fey

Role Model of the Month: The Talented Tina Fey

Your debut’s sure to be a party with a celebrity around, especially if it’s the witty jokester, Tina Fey. If you want to make your debut seem to come straight out from a Saturday Night Live episode, the comedienne is your best bet. But then again, if Ms. Fey can’t make it to your big […]

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Hermione Granger

“What a Woman!” 5 Lady Celebrities who made it Big before 18

Female celebrities are the modern royalty in girls’ lives—except of course the famous Disney princesses. These are the fair-skinned beauties who get to wear the most lavish of gowns and trinkets, who make everything they do a trend—which is already like turning all they touch into gold. Indeed, these gals live the most glamorous of […]

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Fun Girls

5 Budget-Friendly Add-ons to Hype up your Debut Party

It has finally come. The day you’ve always been waiting for is here! No more of holding back the makeup, of being asked for an ID to parties, or of being called a mere “girl”. Your metamorphosis is here. You can feel the wings sprouting! Before your grand transformation, you have to prepare of course, […]

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Girls Like to Eat

Turning 18 and Loving It: Arranging a Buffet Dinner Fit for a Princess

Growing up isn’t always exciting. This is especially true when you consider its less glamorous side which includes: the struggle of finding your own place, the stress of working for money, the worries of unpaid bills, and eventually, the discovery of the agony that is wrinkles. However, now is not the time to dwell on […]

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Pretty Girl Reading

Like a Lady: 4 Coming-of-Age Novels that will Spark the Woman in you

Surely any lady loves reading, for it is the restful hobby of women. And because a lady is soon to be a woman, she learns to be one. In other words, if you don’t love reading yet, train yourself to! You’re already noticing a change in hormones, so why not take it to a more […]

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Women's Nature

Like a Lady: Understanding the Intricate Nature of Women

Be honest: you can’t understand women. Even the closest to you seem to be aliens. Your best friend, sister, girlfriend, grandmother, even your mother—totally different species. But you care about your sister so you help her plan her debut. Now you start asking: “Was that the right choice? Can I make it through this?” And […]

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Pitch Perfect

“You Go, Girl!” Dealing with College & Heartbreak

Each and every girl, regardless of nationality or upbringing, will eventually blossom into an elegant woman. And although this is officially symbolized by the celebration of the debut, there are other events in life that makes us feel more mature and whole and developed. It’s exhilarating, really. Take for example your first day of college. […]

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18th Birthday

Turning 18 & Loving It: 5 Factors to Cover with your Debut Coordinator

Catering services are acquired for their specialty in turning your most precious birthday into something grand and unforgettable. Here at Juan Carlo, we offer the best debut packages in Manila that will bring your fairy tale dreams to life. And in you acquire our Sapphire or Diamond package, a professional coordinator will be there to […]

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Zooey Deschanel

Like a Lady: Five Flicks to Help you Embrace Womanhood

From the sending out of the invitations to the hiring of the debut catering, preparations for most special of all birthdays can test the patience and sharpen the creativity of every young woman. But no matter how unforgettably awesome your debut turns out to be, the real adventure starts the morning after as you officially […]

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