About Debut by Juan Carlo

Your Dream Debut Come True


Debut by Juan Carlo is revolutionizing the Debut. We are the first caterer to entirely devote our resources, time, and expertise on debutants. We have done the research and have asked debutants, like yourself, to understand what it is you really want.

jc-aboutDebut by Juan Carlo was launched last 26 May 2013, spearheaded by Juan Carlo Del Rosario, son of the President Engr. Alex Michael Del Rosario. We are the flirty and fun sister company of the superstar caterer, Juan Carlo – The Caterer, Inc. We have over 17 years of experience and have accreditation and affiliated with over 200 venues around NCR and Calabarzon Region. We are a community of top debut professionals from around The Philippines, with an unconventional and an innovative breakthrough, dedicated to achieving your dream debut.

We believe we can make your dream debut come true and guarantee you the most exceptional experience. We can create the most meaningful, memorable and magical Debut possible.

Dreams do come true with Debut by Juan Carlo.

Julia Montes Debut

I’m the kind of person who really has a hard time making decisions… I admire them, that’s why I’m so grateful to Tito Alex because they really got my suggestions and they were able to visualize what I wanted to happen.

— Julia Montes

The Team


Debut by Juan Carlo is a community of enthusiastic professionals at the top of their own industries brought together to create the dream debut come true. Equipped with 17 years of experience in catering different events and personalities – Debut by Juan Carlo guarantees to have the expertise in making special nights even more magical.

chefs-aboutOur top Account Executives will be with you through every step and process in planning your swell party.

Our master Chefs, who continuously master and improve their culinary skills, and are ready to dedicate their time, skills and effort to prepare you 5 star course meals, served by our trained Food and Beverage attendants.

From Debut by Juan Carlo’s rank-and-file personnel to top management, we assure to uphold the values of excellence, professionalism, and integrity towards our services.

Our mission

Debut by Juan Carlo is the razzling dazzling sister company of the illustrious Juan Carlo — The Caterer. With the compiled research and exceptional partners, we aim to bring prevailing innovations, the latest craze and the chic trends in everything Debut. Our goal is to create a paralyzing and jaw-dropping Debut, cultivating beauty and tradition with a hint of elegance and class. Debut by Juan Carlo only intends to make your dream debut come true!

Sharon Cuneta Juan Carlo the Caterer

I have come to rely on your catering services, because having you has always been a joy to our family during the parties. Many thanks and keep up the good work!

— Sharon Cuneta

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