9 Cool Gift Ideas to Give to a Debutante


Debuts are always great events to be a part of. Whether you’re friend or family, there’s something moving and powerful about celebrating a girl’s official coming of age with her. The celebrant and her family does most of the planning for the debut—from the venue to the catering services.

Unless you’re part of the entertainment, the usual job of a guest is to just show up and partake. Thus, coming up with the perfect gift is of utmost importance, whether or not you’re part of the 18 Treasures.

Something for the present

A journal is something that is both practical and sentimental. She can use it to take down assignments, and she can fill it with her deepest thoughts. I know it’s the advent of tablets and smartphones and gadgets in general, but nothing beats good ol’ pen and paper sometimes. Especially when you’re out of battery and/or electricity.

Something for the future

Make her transition into womanhood easier by giving her a gift that can help her cultivate a skill for her future. Sponsor lessons in cooking or music, or maybe even martial arts.

Gift Giving

Something to aid

If she is actively pursuing a beloved hobby, help her along with unique tools. If she draws, how about some professional sketching pencils? If she reads, find a special edition of her favorite book.

Something to bring back the past

The debut is about celebrating her future, but it’s good to remind her of what she can always come back to. Scrapbooks are excellent gifts because they’re very personalized—they’re a physical representation of something that’s between you and her alone.

Something for life in the fast lane

At this stage, her life is going to start speeding up with activities, studies, friends, and more. And keeping track is going to be hard, so she may find a good planner to be very useful. Give the planner a special touch by including your own personal notes of encouragement.

Something for a chill day

With how quickly her days will pass, there are times when she’s going to need to slow down and just relax. A gift certificate to a good spa may be just the thing to distress her on rough days. Don’t forget to join her!

Something to teach

She’s going to have a lot of questions as the world begins to open itself up to her—questions about life, love, and truth. Keep her grounded with literature that will keep her strong and firm through life’s storms, like Leslie Ludy’s Authentic Beauty.

Something to share

Good things are never kept to oneself. Remind her of the joy of giving by gifting her with a box of optimistic quotes and proverbs—on the condition that she must give them away when she meets someone who needs a good word.

Something bombastic

She’s turning 18—so go all out as much as you can! Give her a ticket abroad, or help sponsor part of it. You can also help supply funds for a new phone, tablet, or laptop that she can use for a while.

A great gift for a debutante is something that gives her a positive memory when she’s feeling down. It’s something that helps her move forward in life. It’s something that solidifies the relationship between the gift-giver and the receiver.


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