6 Must-Have Appetizers in a Debut

In any kind of party, especially in a young lady’s debut, it is important to keep the guests entertained and interested all throughout the event in order for them to stay. And the surest way to do that is to have delicious set of meals.

Before serving any other meal, tiny bits of food should be prepared to allure the people and be enticed with the main courses.

Appetizers should be interesting and delicious enough to tantalize the taste buds and increase appetites in a way that people would want to ask for more! With that on mind, it is important to choose appetizers that would be light but very tempting.

If you want your guest (and their tummies) to enjoy themselves enough that they’d be willing to stay, having delicious and enticing appetizers is the key. Here are some ideas for such appetizers:

baked tahong1. Baked Tahong (Baked Mussels)
Mussels are very abundant in coastal areas wherein they are harvested fresh everyday and sold at a cheap price; which is why getting some fresh ones is not an issue in the Philippines.

With that being said, mussels have always been a part of a buffet menu or any Filipino dine-in. Baked-Tahong or mussels is a well loved appetizer seafood dish. Topped with melted cheese and combined with other spices, this recipe is simple and very tasty.

2. Pork Belly with chili Caramel Saucepork belly
A pork belly appetizer smeared with chili caramel sauce would tickle your taste buds as unexpected different flavors of both sweet and spicy would burst in your mouth.



Dried Tomatoes

3. Sundried Tomato and Kalamata Green Olives
If you want a healthier menu, then start off with a salad or sundried tomatoes and Kalamata Green Olives. This is perfect for them to just have something to munch on without getting full to have more space on their tummies for the main courses.

4. Chicken Peking Duck Rollspeking duck
Mix chicken and Peking duck in a roll and have your guests asking for more. This unique combination would surely entice their interests on what’s more to come with the other courses.




5. Sushi Sashimi
A classic Japanese appetizer could never hurt anyone as it is a favorite of most Filipinos. If you think your guests are mostly Japanese cuisine lovers then this would be the best treat to start your celebration. The good thing in this dish is that you can offer a wide variety from salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi and other sushi and sashimi recipes.

chicken kebab6.Chicken Kebab
A recipe straight from the Middle East, chicken kebabs are surely a crowd pleaser as it is easy to do and will make anyone’s mouths water with the exotic taste of marinated boneless chicken breasts on a stick.
These appetizers are must-haves as the above delicacies would surely tantalize their taste buds and entice them for the other courses; hence, would make them stay the whole party and would even enjoy themselves.

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