5 Fun Ideas for a Halloween-Themed Debut

Halloween Girl

If you’re an October Girl, you’ve probably been asked this question a few times before: “Have you ever thought about celebrating your birthday with a Halloween theme?”

As unconventional as the idea may sound, it does pass as a unique experience for you and your guests. And now that you’re about to officially welcome womanhood as you turn 18, don’t you think it’s time to take things up a notch? If you have no idea on how to even start planning your Halloween-themed debut, then all you need to do is read down further.

As the provider of your debut catering services, we want your 18th birthday to be the best it can be. So unless you’re already a fan of this haunting holiday, you better start working on your spooky side, because you’re in for one wild night!


Your Favorite Fiction

Dress up your debut with your favorite fiction. Possible themes include Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead – you name it! Your choices are limitless of course, but if you want to salute the spirit of Halloween, then it’s best to pick something that’ll spice up the scares.

Your favorite movie, book, or TV show can inspire your debut in pretty much every single aspect including the invitations, buffet entrée, and so on. You can even have your guests dress up according to your theme. Planning to dress up as Katniss Everdeen? Tell your friends to attend your party as fellow tributes!

Thriller Disco Night

If you’re a girl whose blood burns for dancing, zombies and Michael J., then there is no question that you were destined to celebrate your debut in tribute to the single greatest music video of all time.

Turn that dance floor into an 80’s apocalyptic dance party and shake to the groove of the King of Pop! Once the crowd is done dancing to your awesome playlist, you can end the night with a bang by reenacting “Thriller” with some zombie dancers working it in background.

Halloween Make-Up

Mad Scientist Lab Demo

Mad scientists never come out of their laboratories unless they have a new creation to unleash into the world. With your October bash just around the corner, it’s time to for you to let loose and party hard as you enter the world as the strong and independent woman that you are.

Give your buffet table that laboratory look by including Mason jar deserts and neon-colored drinks. Have your program heads and emcees dress in toxic-safe uniforms or scrubs. In addition to all that, you can invest in a chemist costume that will blend well with your toxic theme! Surely, you’ll do Walter and Jesse proud!

Voodoo Masquerade Ball

If you’re leaning on a more classical take for your debut but still want to cause goose bumps left and right, a traditional masquerade with a twist is the trick you’d want to pull out from your sleeve.

With voodoo dolls or masquerade masks sent as invitations, guests coming in with fabulously spooky gowns, and a cotillion composed on the undead, your ball will certainly inspire a lot of awe and a little bit of fear.

Cool Make-Up

Pumpkin Ball

Make that pumpkin carriage the next best thing in your journey to womanhood because there is nothing more glamorous in the idea of a Halloween themed Debut than giving it its well-deserved Cinderella Twist. That’s right, let your debut ooze with elegance with a fancy Pumpkin Ball!

Carve a bunch of pumpkins into different shapes and sizes and use them as decorations and set pieces. For example, you can place candles inside carved pumpkins and use them as a centerpiece! Apply you imagination and creativity in even the smallest of details. Who knows? You might even start a trend for Halloween debuts all over Manila!


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