5 Budget-Friendly Add-ons to Hype up your Debut Party

Fun Girls

It has finally come. The day you’ve always been waiting for is here! No more of holding back the makeup, of being asked for an ID to parties, or of being called a mere “girl”. Your metamorphosis is here. You can feel the wings sprouting!

Before your grand transformation, you have to prepare of course, and this includes choosing the most enchanting beautiful venue, the perfect princess gown, and an unforgettably awesome theme. You also have to ready your guest list, and—lest we forget—your 18 manly men escorts. Isn’t it exciting to finally welcome womanhood?

However, prep can be exhausting too, especially for your parent’s pockets. You have to assure them that they won’t have to worry because you can hold back on your demands. Question is: do you have to? What if there’s a way for you to indulge in all of your debut must-haves without straining your parent’s budget? What if, dear darling, you can add more fun to your party without worrying about a higher price?

Here are 5 nifty, cost-effective add-ons that will surely add flavor to your debut party:

Party Girls

Dazzling Disco Ball

Let’s get ready to dazzle—at a very affordable price! With a disco ball hanging in the middle of the groove floor, everybody’s going to want to party nonstop. They’ll be talking about your debut long after the closing confetti has touched the ground. Once you’re found the ball that will light up your party, consider your debut one step closer to completion.


Want to stuff your guests with delectable sweets without shedding too much pesos? The obvious answer here is: cupcakes—lots and lots of cupcakes.

Cupcakes have been a trending celebration must-have in the country for a while now that they’re often substituted for the bigger cakes. And why not? They’re adorable little sweets that can be dressed just as beautifully as other baked creations.

Not to mention, they’re irresistibly yummy! Your party will be adored with these little things hanging next to your grand cake. As add-ons, they can also serve as your take-home tokens.

Photo Booth Galore

Since your official party photographer can’t follow all your guests around, and especially since you cannot ask all your guests to bring their own cameras, you can just add a photo booth to your party. Photo booths are to party guests as cheese are to mice; they won’t be able to resist it. Not only were they able to have fun with your magnificent playlist, but they’ll also be able to preserve the memories.

Bar on Wheels

Hells, yeah! You’re turning 18, so even your parents can’t say no to this! But hey, if you want to be on the safe side, we literally have a list of non-alcoholic party drinks for you to consider. However, should you opt to go with the grown-up drinks, it’s always best to drink in moderation. Just a friendly reminder. *Wink!*

A mobile bar is included in all of our 3 debut packages, so you’re more than welcome to start checking them out by the end of this post. Besides, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a better deal somewhere else anyway. Just sayin’. *Wink!*

“The” Band

Not just a band, but the band! That means good sound, even better looks, and a whole lot of energy! You can always stick to the traditional sound system but why not jump out of the box?

Not only will you be entertaining your guests’ tasteful selection of music, but you’ll also be giving a break to these home-grown, hidden talents. They won’t steal the spotlight, don’t worry! Actually, you might even be given credit if The Band ends up getting more gigs because of your debut.

Interested already? Of course you are! Now get to choosing the perfect add-on to your party and start convincing your parents. You’re on your way to a perfect debut, and you don’t even have to worry about the budget.


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