18 Years of Awesome: Tips on How to Throw an Enchanting Debut Party

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Eighteen is and always has been one of the most important milestones in a girl’s life. It’s an age that represents her readiness to step out of girlhood and into womanhood—in the past, it meant that she was on the marriage market and was capable of running a home.

In modern times, it’s not as drastic a change, but many girls are preparing to enter college at this point and get their first real glimpse of the wide world.

Thus, the debut is an important coming-out event for every young Filipina. It is typically a lavish celebration with lots of friends, family, and a fancy gown, carrying as much weight as a mini-wedding. In fact, hotels and caterers in Manila automatically offer debut packages, which can cover both venue and food, to help ease the stress of party planning.

Because of its significance, a debut requires a great deal of effort and meticulous preparation. Here are some tips on how to throw an enchanting debut party:

Start Early

Begin your planning at least several months in advance by setting a budget. The expenses for such a big event are expected to be steep, but there’s always a way to keep them from being overwhelming. Make a priority list – including food, clothes, venue, decorations, and activities – to help you allocate your funds properly. Once you’ve nailed your budget and general priorities, you can begin canvassing for the best deals.

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Set a Theme

What have you always wanted to see at your debut? Something loud, trendy, and bodacious, or something minimalist but classy and elegant? Having an overall theme can help you (1) bind every other aspect of the party planning under one general banner and (2) focus the kind of details you need to consider.

Invite Guests

The guest list is usually a sticky issue, especially for people with loads of family and friends. You can’t serve everyone without breaking your bank—thus, this is something parents and daughter must discuss together.

For traditional debut activities like 18 candles, 18 roses, and 18 treasures, it’s important that you’re able to secure the RSVPs of those you want as participants. Many of these esteemed guests may be friends rather than family, so as parents, be willing to bump a great-aunt off the list if she’s not a significant part of your child’s life.

Choose the Right Venue

Many teens hold their debuts at hotel ballrooms, but why limit yourself to that? You and your guests can enjoy yourself under a canopy of stars outdoors, or amid floral blooms in a garden. As a hint, think about what you enjoy doing—ideas for venues can sprout from those musings. It’s also best to choose a venue that lends itself well to your theme—either because of the natural decorations it provides or the ambiance it maintains.

Put Together the Perfect Menu

Debuts are often dinner affairs, and food is going to be a definite highlight of the night. Therefore, it’s a must to hire an excellent caterer who will work with you to create a menu that fits with your theme and will, of course, taste delicious. Sample the offerings of different places so that you have a lot of options, but always keep your theme and a personal meal plan in mind to remain on track.

Create a Program of Activities

Aside from the traditions, there is a lot more time left for you to incorporate fun and entertaining activities. You can enlist friends to play instruments, sing, or do dance numbers.

You can even come up with creative games for your guests to play and can break the ice between strangers. Link these activities together by highlighting how each performer has been a part of your life, and how each activity represents a step in your life journey.

Be the Star

As the debutante, all eyes are going to be on you. So go all out! Whip out the design of that dream dress you’ve always wanted, and scour the racks or have a skilled designer recreate the look.

Ensure that your gown fits perfectly and makes you look like a million bucks—don’t force yourself to wear something that is unflattering. Book appointments with professional makeup artists and hairstylists before the actual event, and experiment with different looks. And finally, accessorize with the right trinkets—don’t blind people by positively draping yourself in jewelry because simpler is better.

A debut is about proclaiming how you have now grown up and are suited to face the rigors of the world. But that night is also about enjoying your youth with the people you love. So stamp your personality on this event and make it an unforgettable beautiful time you’ll always be glad to look back on.


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